I Am Cancer Free!!!!!

The Cancer Center Doctor called the night before last to deliver the pathology report from my recent oophorectomy, just eight weeks since my hysterectomy.  Her phone call was a bit surreal.  She said everything came back negative for cancer!!!!!

I was laying down when she called as I’m recovering from my surgery last week but I was jumping up and down on the inside!!!  My heart could hardly believe this most excellent news!  It was much like having a 2 ton boulder removed from one’s shoulders!  I hung up and delivered the wonderful news to my husband who was laying beside me.  We hugged and cried.  Oh, how I cried tears of relief, tears of pure joy from the depths of my soul!  My life was handed back to me and I am forever grateful to God for this second chance!

Allow me to back up and give a brief background to this euphoric news!…

In January 2016 I went to the ER with abdominal pain.  Thinking it may be my appendix, I decided to get it checked out late one night.  They did a CT scan, which showed a number of issues – two of the most pressing were my gallbladder and a large, uterine fibroid.  After undergoing a Hida scan, it was confirmed my gallbladder was only functioning at 35% and would need to be removed.  That surgery was in February 2016.

After consulting with a GYN surgeon, I decided to move forward with a hysterectomy as it would resolve many other symptoms I had but was unaware of the source until now.  Surgery was scheduled for the end of June, however, I had to reschedule it due to spending nearly five months out of state tending to my sick father…  Once again, surgery was scheduled…this time for November 29, 2016.

The three hour hysterectomy went well. I had some awful reactions to pain meds, one of which required a trip via ambulance to the ER.  It was while I was laying on the ER bed one week post-op that my GYN surgeon stopped by the hospital to deliver the mind numbing news that my pathology had come back that I had a rare, aggressive cancer.  She said it all seemed to be contained within the fibroid but she was referring me to an oncologist GYN at a cancer hospital.  My husband sat beside my bed, asking many questions and cried.  Mercifully, I was on paid meds and a little insulated from the initial shock.  This was December 6, 2016.

We met with the oncologist GYN on December 20, 2016 and set yet another surgery date for February 1, 2017 to remove my ovaries (which posed an added risk of generating more cancer as it is hormone driven) and select lymph nodes for testing.  They would also do some exploratory work to make sure no other areas had been affected by this rare, aggressive cancer called leiomyosarcoma.  It represents only 1% of all uterine cancers and there is no lab test for it, which is why it is normally only discovered after the patient dies (much like ovarian cancer).  It is by the grace of God mine was found “incidentally”, but I know better.  God ordained this and He allowed my life to be extended by His great mercy.

This would be my third major surgery in less than a year!  I was very concerned that the utter fatigue from the hysterectomy would be further compounded by another surgery, so soon.  I was just beginning to get my energy back as my next surgery was quickly approaching…

The February 1st surgery was a consequential surgery, for it would tell us the “staging” of the cancer and how best to proceed from here.

The surgery went very well and, again, lasted three hours.  I stayed overnight at the cancer hospital and was released the next day.

Fortunately for me, physically, this recovery, while painful, was not nearly as severe as the hysterectomy.  This time around in order to avoid the awful pain medicine side effects, I limped along with Toradol, and now just Advil and Tylenol.  I’ll take the pain, however, if it keeps me out of the ER.  I digress…

The oncologist GYN surgeon said to give them two weeks for pathology to come back, which is standard procedure.  So, to receive a phone call at 7:30p.m. from the Dr. the other evening, just one week post-op, was unexpected to say the least and overwhelmingly euphoric!  NO CANCER!  At this point, I’ll have a follow up appointment from the surgery in five weeks and they want to “follow me” every three months for observation.  So, I’ll go in every three months for a check up and to discuss any changes in symptoms.

If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you know I have kids at home still – 19 and 17, along with an aging father.  I also have a grown son, 28, who lives nearby.  This has squarely been the hardest battle we’ve ever faced.  It was painful to consider they may be faced with losing their mother to cancer at such a young age, just as I was at age 23.  Of course, it was scary to consider having to endure chemotherapy and radiation and the prospect that they may not be enough to stave off this dreadful disease.

Throughout this entire two month journey, I delved into the Word of God, finding comfort daily for my restless soul.  I wrestled with the idea of having to walk such a painful road but trusted that the same God who has brought me through countless difficulties and heartaches, would be the same God who would mercifully see me through even this painful path.  It’s interesting…the day prior to the Dr. calling to deliver the amazing news, my prayer to God had overwhelmingly been focused on the word “Surrender”!  I told God that I completely surrendered to His will, His plan and what He was doing in my life.  If that involved chemo, then I surrendered.  If that involved Him bringing me home to Glory, then I surrendered.  If that involved dreary days of feeling half dead due to the treatments, then I surrendered.  I reached the place that no matter what, I decided that God could either be trusted or He could not.  I decided emphatically HE CAN BE TRUSTED!

I made up my mind!  So, if I say that I trust Him, then my faith needs to follow that declaration.  I surrendered all.

And then we received the phone call.  Maybe that’s what God was after all along.  Surrender.  He already had my heart long ago.  But did He have all of my faith – 100%?  I don’t know.  One thing I have wrestled with for many years is that it seems easy to believe God for other people.  I have such compassion for others and their struggles and heartaches.  But, do I firmly believe that God will do it for me?

That is where I have struggled.  I struggle no more!  God has done it!  And I am eternally grateful.  I do believe that all things are possible to those who believe!  I believe in a God who can do anything but fail!  I believe that my BEST days are still ahead.

And I believe I will go dance in the streets to declare the faithfulness and mercy of the loving God I serve! …

Just as soon as I can get out of bed!


So I Got Some News…

It’s the kind of news nothing can prepare one for.  As I lay on the ER gurney recovering from a horrible reaction to pain meds following my hysterectomy, my GYN surgeon pulled up a rolling stool and sat close beside me.  She delivered the pathology news one week ago today that apparently the fibroid tumor they removed, which was inside the uterus, contained a rare, aggressive cancer.

Those are words you simply do not expect to hear at 46 years of age.  From everything I’ve ever read about fibroids – they are almost always benign.  This is the kind of thing that happens to “someone else”, right?  But, in this instance, it was happening to me.

My GYN surgeon said she is referring me to an oncologist GYN at a large cancer hospital in our area because I would now need to have my ovaries (which I was hoping to keep so I wouldn’t embark on presto-insta-menopause) and surrounding lymph nodes removed in another surgery very soon.

As I laid there in pain, the thought of another surgery was not one I’d choose to entertain.  However, if it would save my life, then sign me up!

So far, the pathology report indicates that everything else they removed was unaffected by this cancer and we are very hopeful that great reports will continue to come in.

My GYN said that this type of cancer is super aggressive and spreads rapidly and is almost never caught in time!  Wow.  All I can say is, thank God I elected to have the hysterectomy due to some negative symptoms I was having.

A little background … I went to the ER in January of this year and had a CT scan done, which is when I learned not only would I need my gallbladder out (which happened in February) but also that I had a large fibroid.  I was scheduled to have the hysterectomy in June, however had to assist my father through a health crisis for four months out of state.

It really is a miracle indeed that this cancer was found when it was!!  My GYN said had I waited, I could have been dead in a few months!

God has given me the very best GYN surgeon, who is both professional yet personable.  After delivering the difficult news (her first case of fibroid cancer in her 15 year career!), she gave me the biggest hug.  That was so special of her.

This is all quite surreal at this point.  I’ve only had one week to digest this news.  All I can do is praise Almighty God for saving my life.  I have future grandchildren to meet one day.  I have quilts to make.  I have a lot of living still to share with my husband and children.  I just give God all the honor and glory for the way He has orchestrated events.  It could’ve gone another way and I am keenly aware of that.

One week from today is my initial consultation with the oncologist gynecologist to discuss the game plan.  I am praying that having the surgery will be enough and that no further treatment will be required.  But I do not know.

The Lord laid on my heart the other day as I lay in bed for what felt like Day #99 of my recovery, to write as many bullet points as I could come up with “What I Know About God”.  So far, I’m on #270!  Over the course of several days, I skimmed through the Bible and just drew from what the Word said along with what I already know in my heart to be true.  Instead of focusing on my challenging situation, God was giving me the gift of focusing on His greatness, His majesty and His glory.  He truly is greater and bigger than any situation.  Although our way seems so dark at times, He promises to never leave us and never forsake us.  He is as close as the mere mention of His great Name, my friend.