100 Items to Get Rid of Now

  1. Duplicate appliances
  2. Mismatched socks
  3. Utility bills from last year
  4. The 99th piece of artwork your child ever created
  5. The 99th article of clothing your precious angel ever wore
  6. Knick knacks someone gave you that you really don’t like
  7. Items you inherited but don’t love.
  8. Broken beyond repair items
  9. Dust collectors you no longer enjoy (think figurines, collectables, etc.)
  10. Supplies to a hobby you no longer pursue
  11. Old toiletry items that are expired or of no use to you
  12. Something you planned on repairing/refurbishing but lack the motivation/time
  13. Clothing that is too small/large
  14. Clothing that you don’t feel good in
  15. Shoes you never wear
  16. Hats gathering dust
  17. An overrun of jackets/coats
  18. Curtains from a former house that you have no plans of using
  19. Curtain rod that you’re not using
  20. Rolled up rugs from a former house…
  21. Expired canned goods, crackers, etc.
  22. Expired spices
  23. A food item you bought because it was on sale but no one will eat
  24. The owner’s manual to a piece of equipment/appliance you no longer own
  25. Fabric & pattern to a cute, little sundress you were going to make for your daughter but…she’s now 19
  26. Snow shovel but you live in Florida.
  27. Wool sweater, scarf, mittens, etc. but you live in Florida…
  28. A Q-tip box with 2 left. Refill the jar you store them in and move on…
  29. Unnecessary restaurant menus
  30. Old business cards that you don’t even recognize their name
  31. Empty water bottles. Is my family the only one who leaves these laying around?
  32. Cereal boxes. Pour them into airtight container & recycle box.
  33. Anything with a green parasite living on it in your refrigerator.
  34. That sponge that reeks.
  35. The chewed up toothbrush that couldn’t possible reach plaque in between your teeth
  36. The deodorant tube that is empty. Again, is mine the only household who does this?
  37. A souvenir that has outlasted its sense of treasure
  38. Dried up glue container.
  39. Unidentified object lurking in your freezer. Let it go.  It’s been too long…
  40. Sleeping bags and nobody camps or slumbers in them
  41. Excess pillows, sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels
  42. An abandoned musical instrument
  43. Vitamins/medicine out of date or no longer used
  44. Plastic grocery bags if you aren’t using them in a reasonable period of time
  45. An attachment/part to something you no longer own
  46. Empty cardboard boxes (unless you’re planning to move)
  47. Candy wrappers in between the couch cushions
  48. Paperwork from the doctor’s office that isn’t important
  49. That pink or tan hospital basin you got in 1978…
  50. The t.v. that stopped working in 1989…
  51. That National Geographic magazine collection that no one ever looks at
  52. pamphlets that accumulate like dust bunnies around the house
  53. The remote to a t.v./VCR that is long gone
  54. Last year’s calendar
  55. Aquarium supplies when you donated the aquarium years ago
  56. When you have 10 throws, give one away…or five…
  57. Duplicate books
  58. “How to” books when you don’t plan on doing anything…
  59. the Sunday comics/old newspapers
  60. stacks of magazines
  61. crutches from the time you broke your leg twenty years ago
  62. the walker from your rehab
  63. ace bandages that no longer have their elastic support
  64. nail polish that is thick and lumpy
  65. nail files that couldn’t whittle your pinky nail if it tried.
  66. That package of plastic cups from the New Year’s party in 1965…
  67. Broken tool
  68. Caulk or paint that is past its prime
  69. Elastic hair bands that are stretched out/useless
  70. Expired/unwanted hair coloring
  71. Old costume jewelry you haven’t worn in ten years
  72. Underwear that are two sizes too small
  73. A broken calculator
  74. Old cell phones/chargers
  75. A broken PC
  76. A failed craft project that you’re not going to attempt to fix
  77. A junk car that realistically you won’t have the time/money to repair
  78. Cookbooks you don’t/won’t use
  79. That set of c.d.’s on a foreign language you are no longer interested in learning
  80. Twin sheets when all your beds are queens or kings
  81. That cheap, plastic cup/travel mug that was a give away item from the bank, etc…
  82. That work manual for every course you’ve ever taken as an adult
  83. A large bird cage when you haven’t had a pet bird in years
  84. Diapers when your youngest is nineteen
  85. Christmas cards you received last year
  86. More packing material that you will feasibly use in the near future
  87. Cable t.v. (& the boxes, remotes, expense)
  88. Bad habits.
  89. Negative attitude
  90. Friends who aren’t good influences
  91. Empty calories
  92. Time wasters
  93. Ink pens that no longer write
  94. Broken crayons
  95. Checkbooks to a closed account
  96. An empty printer ink cartridge
  97. Fishing rod that nobody uses
  98. Bicycle training wheels and your kids are grown…
  99. Air mattress with holes
  100. Coloring book that has all its pages colored

There you have it, folks! 

100 items that can either be deposited in:

the recycling bin,   donation box,   the trash can   or out the window!

Obviously, some of these points are tongue-in-cheek, but you get the idea.

This list could be endless but hopefully it generates more ideas and further motivation to part with items that have outlasted their usefulness.  That’s the whole idea!

Happy Decluttering!

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