Two Choices

When facing a difficult challenge, we are left with a decision as to where our focus will lie.  Will we get stuck on the negativity of the situation or instead, set our eyes on the positive possibilities.  Life or death?  Blessing or cursing?  Defeat or hope?

Which one will you choose?  Sixteen days ago, my surgeon gave me the news that they found cancer during my hysterectomy.  This came as quite a shock as everything I’ve ever read or known about fibroids referred to them as benign.  Always.  That is what we were expecting.  We were pretty certain the pathology would come back that all was well.

But what happens when life throws a curve ball?  Things that weren’t supposed to happen, happen?  Events that defy all logic and human understanding.  What are we supposed to do with that?

We have two choices, my friend.  I’ve long known that wherever our focus lies, therein lies our future.  Not only does our focus affect our future, but our path that leads to our future.  Meaning we can either become bitter along the way, scoff at every negative element and hate life.  Or … We can embrace hope, focus on what we can do and enjoy life’s little blessings along the way.

After my appointment at the cancer hospital two days ago, I found myself processing and honing in on all of the information that was delivered.  While that is my reality, I can choose to pray for the best outcome, trust God and do what I am able to during the process.  I could also choose the path of negative thinking, feeling sorry for myself and wallow in depression.  I could.  But that wouldn’t be me.  It wouldn’t be the Amber I’ve known for 46 years.  Despite many, many challenges over the years, my truest default is to have great faith and hope in the greatness of our God and that my best days are still ahead!

This faith is fueled by my relationship with Jesus Christ and studying His Word daily.  I know in Whom I have believed.

My choice is to believe that God will heal my body and guide us through this process, no matter the darkness we may face.  The comfort I have is in knowing that God promises to never leave me nor forsake me.  That is a great hope.

Choices.  Right or left?  Hope or despair?  Positive or negative?

“See, I have set before you this day life and good, and death and evil…”  ~ Deuteronomy 30:15


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